New Optician - 10 HRS

New Optician - 10 HRS

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$170.00 / Package(s)

New Opticians

 A total of 10 CE Hours

For NEW Opticians 

Includes the following classes:

  • Medical Errors- 2 Hours ( Classroom ) Friday 11/30/18  
  • HIV/AIDS- 1 Hour ( Home Study )
  • Plus addtional 7 CE Hours- Choose the Hours you want from Saturday and Sunday
  • First Biennium Renewal: Optician licensees licensed within the first year of the biennium renewing a license for the first time must complete 10 hours of approved continuing education to include, five (5) hours related to technical practice of opticianry, one (1) hour of HIV/AIDS education, two(2) hours of prevention of medical error and two (2) hours of electives from the first two areas above or subjects relating to business management
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