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When Single Vision Isnt Enough:
Eyewear for the Millennial Generation

1 hr Technical ABO, Level 1

Its a digital world

Practically everyone owns a device and USES it

Smart Phone Usage

Need more reasons to use your phone?   There are a zillion apps for that.50 Billion Apps have been downloaded


  • People multitask while using mobile devices
  • This increases the frequency of refocusing, tiring the ciliary muscles

The result: Digital Eye Strain

Digital Eye Strain is Computer Vision Syndrome: the Next Generation

Computer Vision Syndrome

  • Focused on computer work
  • Largely  a midrange vision problem
  • Largely a presbyope problem
  • Computer use is a sustained task that can be addressed with a specialized lens

Digital Eye Strain

  • All digital devices
  • Largely a near vision problem
  • Affects all ages, but especially younger people
  • Has to be addressed with a general-purpose lens

Digital Eye Strain
An emerging health risk

Millennials need a vision solution for the way they live today