Home Study Scleral Contact lens Webinar Video 1 Hr. CL/Tech CE Credit

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  • 1 Hour Contact Lens/Technical CE Credit
  • Webinar & PowerPoint Video
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This course will discuss the importance of Scleral Contact Lenses for the Optical industry. Scleral Contact Lens fitting is a lost art and sometimes Opticians forget about the important role they play in the Contact Lens Visual Aid Port Folio. Objectives and Outcomes: This course will delve into the importance of Scleral lenses and the role they can play in helping our patients with their contact lens fitting needs. The Optician will learn about the importance of Scleral lenses, the purpose Scleral lenses, and will learn about the latest advancement and technology in Scleral Lens design and manufacturing. In this course the Optician will also learn proper fitting techniques when it comes to Scleral Lenses.