Home Study Prism Analysis: A Patient's Journey 1 Hour CE Tech. Video

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Full Professional Production Video: 1 Hour Technical CE Credit 

Take a virtual journey with your Patient... As your Patient starts to experience unwanted Health Symptoms and Decides to see their Family Doctor... Their Doctor has Diagnosed your Patient with a health disorder...You will learn the different health disorders, diseases, accidents, Post surgery complications...all these Problems can occur to a person and can ultimately have negative effects on your Patient and their vision...Once your Patient has been properly diagnosed their next stop on their journey is to an Optometrist or an Ophthalmologist to have some necessary specialized eye exam tests done to determine How to properly correct your Patient’s vision...Ultimately your Patient is prescribed Prism. You will learn what specialized test are required to determine the type of Prism needed for correcting their vision...you will also learn alternative options for your Patient to help them see better. Once your Patient has been given a prescription their next stop along their journey is to visit you...The Optician...You will learn in this course a better understanding of the process your Patient must go through before they ultimately visit you in your office. This course will give you a more comprehensive understanding of prism and its effects on your Patient’s vision. You will learn about Fresnel Prism as well as Ground in Prism and how each option can play an important role in helping your Patient. So, come along for the ride and journey along with your Patient as you both discover together better health and better vision...