Home Study Virtual Conference Video Lens Manufacturing Past, Present, & Future 1 Hr Technical CE

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  • 1 Hour Technical CE Credit
  • Virtual Conference Video
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Laboratory Production

Take A Virtual Tour on the process of lens manufacturing from the very beginning of conception to the birth of the lens.


Introduce the lens production process with variations to help the Opticians better communicate the process with their Patients…The Opticians will learn the sequence of events when it relates to the lens creation…The Optician will learn the data entry process which is where it all begins then on to lens design, surfacing, coatings, generator, polishing, edging, and much more. This an incredibly detailed comprehensive course that will offer insight to the new innovative technology of today in lens manufacturing with the newest and latest lens designs.

Learning Goals:

• Be able to differentiate between Traditional and Digital surfacing

• Begin relating the surfacing process with specific lens benefits

• Make connections with lens production process to the timeframe required to receive an order

• Become familiar with terms associated with lens production to be able to give Patients informed updates with their order.

• Be introduced to the lab edging process on a high level and relate to in house optical labs. 

Purpose of Course

: • Opticians have been introduced to many of the new lens solutions and designs available to their Patients.

• Once a lens has been ordered, it is important for the Optician to have a high level of understanding of the lens production process

• To create the best Patient Experience, the Optician should follow order updates through online portals or direct communications with the lab

• It is necessary to be familiar with common lab terms to understand what step in the process the orders are in. Many Opticals will also have an in-house lab, so this will provide an introduction to the finishing the job