Home Study Virtual Conference Video Turn Difficult Patients into Happy Patients 1 Hour Elective CE

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  • 1 Hour Elective CE Credit
  • Virtual Conference Video... Will Require you View and Take a Test
  • Must Pass Test in order to receive CE Credit
  • Once you have purchased either the Early Bird Package, Gold package, or Saphire Package (all include Home Studies) Please allow 24 hours for your Home Studies to be prepared for you.  After this time, go to "Access to your Home Study and tests" Page  

How to Turn Difficult Patients into Happy Patients: 


Gain an understanding of the importance of active listening. Knowledge of the steps required to defuse volatile situations. Your mind-set effects your success. Apology, empathy, and the understanding of how the customer feels are key to solving the problem. Your tone of voice and body language and the effect they have on the situation. Repeating the customer’s concerns assures addressing the right issue. Presenting solutions, taking action and the feedback will assure your success. 

Learning Objectives /Outcomes:

• Understand how to be an active listener

• Understand the importance of fixing the situation quickly will improve the relationship

• Understanding that handling the situation will improve the relationship.