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Dispensing with Confidence, How to Avoid Dispensing Mistakes Description: As an Optician we strive to deliver the perfect eyewear. While we all unequivocally have the expertise, intention, and desire to deliver the perfect pair. Often mistakes happen. By attending this class, you will gain an understanding of how to manage the dispensing process from start to end. You will gain an understanding of how to avoid the landmines along the way to achieving your goal of delivering the perfect eyewear. You will gain an understanding of all factors controlling the process. The emotional, logical, and scientific factors. You will gain an understanding of how to be able to guide the patient towards a favorable outcome that will strengthen a trusting and profitable relationship

. Learning Outcomes:

• Understanding the importance of delivering the perfect eyewear

• Understanding the importance of getting it correct the first time around 

• Understanding the importance of avoiding dispensing mistakes

• Understanding the importance of incorrectly dispensed eyewear can have on patients trust of the provider and the long-term relationship

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