Home Study Access Tutorial Information

There Are 3 Options that we created for you to learn how to access your Home Studies...


Option 1... Video




Option 2... Short Quick Notes

  1. To Retrieve your Home Studies (Quick Reference Guide)
    1) Visit our website at www.focaleducation.com.
    2) Sign in under your user info you created (This would be your email and Password) Located to the right of home page
    3) Click on or place cursor over the Home Study Tab to reveal a drop down sub-page that says "Access to you Home Study & test”
  • (Alternative Option) On home Page scroll down to the" Access to your Home Studies" Button.

4) Click on “Access to your Home Study and Test” Page
5) Once on this page, click on the image of the Access Key
6) This will Route you to your Private and Personalized Home Study Library
7) Your User Name and Password is first and last name no space and all lower case. * 


User Name: johndoe

Password: johndoe

* (unless your a previous Customer and have changed your User name and Password)


Option 3... Screenshot Tutorial



Below is a very detailed Road Map Tutorial on how to access your Home Studies