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Continuing Education

Continuing Education (CE) Requirements.

  • 20 Hours Total are Required to renew your Florida State Opticians License.
  • General Hours 16
  • 11 hours must be technical hours relating to the technology and practice of Opticianry.
  • The remaining 5 can be technical or elective
  • If licensee is Board certified, 4 of these hours must be in contact lens practice
  • Medical Error 2 hours
  • Laws and Rules 2 hours.  Must include the subject of Federal or Florida laws and rules governing the profession
  • All 16 general hours can be technical hours

CE Requirements for First Time Renewal

Optician licensees licensed within the first year of the biennium renewing a license for the first time must complete 10 hours of approved continuing education to include, five (5) hours related to technical practice of opticianry, one (1) hour of HIV/AIDS education, two(2) hours of prevention of medical error and two (2) hours of electives from the first two areas above or subjects relating to business management. 
Optician licensees licensed within the second year of the biennium are exempt from continuing education requirements for the first renewal

Helpful Information

  • No more than 5 home study hours
  • No more than 2 1/2 hours home study hours for first time renewal

The Department of Health will now verify an Opticians continuing education records in the electronic tracking system at the time of license renewal. Please visit www.CEatRenewal.com for more information. For information on continuing education requirements please review Rule 64B12-15,F.A.C.

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This information was taken directly from the ABO / NCLE website. 

We get many questions about renewing these certifications.  Things have changed over the years and they have made it easier to renew than in years past.

Basic Certification Renewal

Both ABO-NCLE basic certifications are valid for three (3) years. Continuing education credits (CECs) must be earned within the three year (3) certification period and may not be accumulated and carried over from one period to another. All CECs and renewal fees are due on or before your expiration date. There is no "grace period" or ability to renew subsequent to your expiration. After expiration, Certificants must comply with the Reinstatement Requirements.

Continuing Education Renewal Requirements

ABO Certified: Send in 12 ABO approved CECs (up to 3 may be NCLE approved) and the $85 fee.

NCLE Certified: Send in 18 NCLE approved CECs (up to 6 may be ABO approved) and the $85 fee.

ABO and NCLE Certified: Send in 21 CECs (9 ABO approved and 12 NCLE approved) plus the $170 fee.

Acceptable Continuing Education Credit

ABO: Spectacle related courses approved by ABO with an assigned course number.

NCLE: Contact lens related courses approved by NCLE with an assigned course number.

Alternate Renewal Methods

ABO: You may submit proof of a current license in a licensing state requiring Continuing Education.

NCLE: You may submit proof of a current license in a licensing state requiring Continuing Education.

States that require Continuing Education for their license renewal are:

New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
Rhode Island
South Carolina

Online: Log into your Account
Mail: Send your CECs and renewal fees to

P. O. Box 79228
Baltimore, MD 21279-0228

Be sure to include your name, address and certificate number.