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FOCAL Education is always trying to improve on the way we do things, which revolves around the Optician. As we grow as a company it's important that we improve on the way we do things in order to make your CE Education quick, simple, and Stress free as possible.  So read below on whats new and improved about FOCAL Education.

   It is our goal to serve the Florida Optician by improving on what we do, by offering you the Best "EDUCATION" Best "VENUES AND LOCATION", "BEST SPEAKERS", Most "FUN"


We have made our Home Studies more accessible for you! 

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It's here! automatic Home Study Viewing online, Home Study Testing online, and Home Study test and grading online, no more waiting for test score and course completion.  With a simple click of the the submit button, you will know instantly of a passing or non passing test score.  Instant course completion will be available for you to print out for your records. 

Once you have purchased either the Early Bird Package, Gold package, or Saphire Package (all include Home Studies) Please allow 24 hours for your Home Studies to be prepared for you.  After this time, go to "Access to your Home Study and tests" Page  

Home Studies are only available via our website electronically which can be accessed by a Computer, smart phone, or Tablet.  Faxing, Emailing, and Snail Mailing Home Studies is not an option. 


New this biennium... CE Packages...   new

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a new simpler way to choose the right continuing education for your needs.  We have put together CE packages for you to choose from. Visit our shopping cart in our "Purchase Conference and Information page" for Conference shopping and Visit the "Home Study" Page for Home study shopping only.


Also new to our website is a Automatic Shopping Cart Payment system!

Once you choose the CE package you want You will get an instant order & registration confirmation to print out directly from our website and that same order & registration confirmation will be immediately emailed to you. Your receipt will be available to you to print out directly from our website under your "account" once payment has been confirmed. ( Usually within 24 hours ) All your receipts will always be availble to you anytime you need them.  Also new is 3 day Conferences, you can now get all your 20 in classroom CE hours in one weekend. ( Friday, Saturday, Sunday ) This is a great Package choice for the Optician that prefers to do all hours in one weekend and not wanting to do any Home Studies, we call this our Platinum Package.  We still have our 2 day Conference Package 16 hours of Classroom ( Saturday and Sunday ) and 4 hours of Home Study, we call this our Gold Package.  And Finally we understand some Opticians only need a few hours to complete their Continuing Education for the Biennium, or just like to do a few hours at a time, we have that package available also, we call this our Silver Package.  You can choose from 1 to 8 hours with the Silver Package. 

Please note:  Not every conference has 2 and 3 days of Education, an example of that would be our Early Bird Conference which is a 1 day event only.






When purchasing one of Conferences and or Home Studies you will be prompted to REGISTER, PLEASE be sure to do so!!!!!!!!!  By Registering with us, our system will remember and maintain all your information and all your purchases.  This will allow you to print receipts of past purchases anytime you need to.  Our system will ask you for an email and password, please remember this information for pulling up your purchase history with us. Once you have previously registered you will no longer have to re-register, You will need to sign in to the website as a previous Customer with your email and password when wanting to purchase or retrieve receipts from past purchases.  This may seem like an inconvenience at first but we will assure you it will be a huge convenience afterwards, plus this assures your privacy and security.  This gives us all the necessary information that FOCAL Education and the State requires for your Continuing Education. 




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