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"Here is what some of your fellow Opticians are saying about FOCAL Education"

Dave From Clearwater- You know your the best when other CE providers try to copy you, 

Music, fun, prizes, best speakers (some even steal your speakers) Your the first

to do CEs this way and now you have other CE providers trying to do it the way you do!

Your Guys are the best and aways will be!


Gerald from Ohio- This is the best Education that I have attended in a few years

the speakers are great and Kim & Corey are excellent. Thank you for a fun

fantastic weekend of Continuing Education.


Kevin from Kissimmee- My First Time...I was not bored. I laughed and learned

See you next Biennium.


Jonathan from Riverview- Great way to knock out all 20 hours in a weekend.

Information and good speakers helps make these CEs entertaining.



Holly from Lake Alfred- I like how speakers talk to you- not at you.  feel like you are being

engaged not just lectured.


John from Bradenton- Focal is absolutely the best Optical CE provider in the State.

I wouldn't go anywhere else, ever!


Stella from Gainesville- Well Done! Very Pleasant Continuing Education Experenience.


Mary from Bartow- Love Gaylord Palms- Hours from other CE providers are usually in Crummy

Venues- I will use FOCAL again- Great Speakers- Other Providers have you listen to the same

speakers all day. (I don't like listening to the same speaker all day)


Tonya from Lakeland- I have always tried to avoid Contacts lens hours but the hours with

Dr. Alice Sterling were Fantastic! I would take with her anytime.


Deborah from Englewood- I really enjoyed the classes.  The speakers were all great and fun.

Thank you for making CEs more entertaining & Affordable. (smiley face)


Mary Jane from North Port- You have outdone your selves this year! Really enjoyed the 

venue and speakers- I still didn't win anything (LoL)


Ra'Shetta from Tampa- Very imformative.  Really enjoyed Dr. Jeffrey Wipfli, and Nick's

energy, loved Mohamed and Dr.Sterling.  Love the layout. Perfect timing for breaks.



Azani from Apollo Beach- You guys are just Awesome, I will always come with you guys every year.

Kim& Corey really make this hours worthwhile.


Janice from Palm Harbor- I plan my Continuing Education hours around FOCAL Education Seminars.

Always the most interesting & entertaining hours.


Debbie from New Port Richey- Very Nice! Facility, room, People, prizes, Frame Show- 

Very well done-and great value value and options for CE hours- will come again next year-

So happy to have this choice!


Diane from Philadelphia Pennsylvania- I love you guys. Your Speakers are very good and



Verna from Orlando- Great Job As Always!


Sara from Brandon- FOCAL Education is a fun & laid back way to learn through CE.


Jim from Kissimmee: "Thanks to Corey and Kim for making these hours a fun experience."

Karen from Brandon: "Excellent! Very informative presentations."

Jo from Riverview: "Once again, very informative & interesting speakers and topics.  Thank you FOCAL Education."

Michael from Chicago:  "Excellent practical information at an affordable price.  With prizes."

Angel from Port Richey (non Licensed):  Thank you for this seminar.  This makes me want to become a licensed optician.  Excellent presentations."

Ruby from Lakeland:  "Everything was great, Optical Jeopardy was the best educational time and enjoyable."

Joanna: "This was my first time attending hours with FOCAL Education, found this to be entertaining, kept it interesting and an awesome bonus...we could win stuff."

Carol from Tampa: Venue is very nice.  Nice to learn about new products even if they are not available at my work.  I will be able to answer customers questions about products even if we don't have them."

Azani from Wimauma: "You guys really excite the class and make traveling here to Tampa well worth it."

Janice from Clearwater:  "Some of the best hours I have attended.  Interesting, fun and I definitely will be going home with more knowledge for my profession."

Louis from St. Petersburg: Convenience of locations.  Price is very fair.  Useful education hours that you can take back with you and associates."

Daniel from Burlington, VT: "Very good Venues, way better than the other guys.  Classes are nice and small much more informative nice people."

John from Lake Wales:  " Good quality hours- Great Music, had fun and laughed- convenient location (Gaylord Palms) in central Florida"

Peter from Fort Myers:  "Nice work you two.  I appreciate everything you've done.  Please keep it going and I look forward to next time."

Venus from Sarasota: " The music and raffle tickets were entertaining.  It's hard to sit for all hours of the day and FOCAL Education made it bearable."

Patricia from Jacksonville:  "Hours were fun, entertaining and informative.  Classes are smaller and more personal.  I felt I was less stressed out.  Enjoyed it much, will be back next year.

Wanda from Orlando: " Excellent speakers and fun approach.  Loved the Optical Jeopardy and the case studies by Dr. Sterling."

Lesli from Pinellas Park: " Best hours I have ever been to.  I actually learned some things.  Also very much enjoy not being treated like a 2 year old."

Mary Jane from North Port:  "Thank you, unlike other CE Providers your hours are not painful and can be lots of fun.  Hooray a CL CE that does not present 90 year old presenters with boring slides."


Carl from Tampa:   "Best Hours I've been to."

Lynda from St.Pete:  "Very good information for a change."

Christine from Longwood: " Best education hours ever taken."

Lynda P. from Orlando: " I learned more here then in 10 years of continuing education classes.  I have already recommended your classes and I haven't even finished classes yet."

Henny from Mount Dora: " I will come again next time.  Great job.-- Loved the drawings.  Thank you!"

Jessica from Melbourne: "The drawings were fun!  All of the courses were very informative."

Suzy from St. Pete: "Great speakers, great interaction with audience.  This was my first time attending and I will be back."  "Long day of hours made smoother by fun, goodies and surprises by a family who truly cares!"    


Lynn from Fort Lauderdale:"Very Friendly atmosphere-  Good interaction, much more personal than most seminars.  Good information to use at my store."

Destry from West Palm Beach: "I found the information to be up to date, useful, and practical.  Registration was easy and uncomplicated.  Everyone was well prepared.  Thank you!"

Lesley from Miami: "Interesting and relevant classes- loved the giveaways too!"

Diana from Miami: "very smooth seminar, organized and started on time in all the courses.  Great speakers also!"

Nestor from Miami: "Great Professional atmosphere."

Alyx from Boca Raton: " I feel that I learned quite a lot and it will definitely benefit me at my job.  It was very educational and not boring."

Mauricio from Pompano Beach: "great people and great speakers, keep up the good work!"

Keith from Jupiter: "This was a very good way to get your hours, I would tell fellow opticians."

Vicki from Jupiter: "Fun hours good job."

"Here is what they are saying about our speakers"

Patricia from Jacksonville: " Dr. Alice Sterling is awesome."

Anna from Melbourne: "Enjoyed the hours and speakers were very knowledgeable."

Nancy from New York: "Very good speakers Mr. Zimmerman and Nick Veliz demonstrations great for immediate hands on information."

Theresa from Ocala: " John is informative and entertaining; he is an excellent speaker."

Nancy from Bradenton: " Joe gave new ideas and more technical info that was good.  I'm more motivated now."


Annie from Lakeland: "Always a great venue, great speakers, the best CE hours given, not boring, lots of fun"


Sue from Baycity: FOCAL is by far, the most interesting & educational hours I have had the pleasure of attending"


Celeste from Ft. Lauderdale: Beautiful Thoughtful location.  Very informative and fun experience"


Karen from Eustis: Best speakers and content ever...Attending classes in Florida for 31 years in optics!!! 

CEDO Conference was canceled- changed to your conference and kept coming.


Nancy from Bradenton: Gaylord Palms Great Venue- Fun Givaways- Great speakers- good info! thank you


Samantha from Dade City: Conference was very well organized, venue was exceptional and had all

the amenities for comfort, speakers were awesome and highly informative.


Tim from Tallahassee: Excellent Venue.  Compared to other organizations (POF CEDO etc.) This venue (and others you use)

would entice me to return.


John from Bradenton: Absolutely the best CE company! Always interesting and informative!


Suzy from St. Pete: Love Love Love FOCAL Education!! Never disappointed.


Diana "Lynn" from Pace: First time doing hours with FOCAL.  It was a great conference!! Will do it again.


Thomas from Kissimme: Love the Gaylord Palms Venue.  FOCAL Education speakers are always engaging,

educated and high energy.  I aways wait till the end of the year for this venue.  Keep up the good work!








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