Important Information Concerning Continuing Education


Florida Board of Opticianry board_meeting_7

The Board concluded its meeting 08/03/2020

A temporary Ruling was passed with a 4-0 vote to allow Florida Opticians to recieve all 20 CE Credits

through Home Study.  This Ruling will expire on 12/31/2020.

You still have the option of going to a live event but this is an alternative option for those that don't want to risk getting infected with the COVID-19 Virus. 

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"FOCAL Education would like to thank all Members of the Board of Opticianry for including us in the Discussion and for their hard work and dedication...  



FOCAL Education November 2020 Conference Has been cancelled due to the uncertainties of COVID-19 

  • Our concern is your safety and we will do what we have to do to play our part in achieving that objective.
  • Florida Government has limited event Occupancy to 50 people including staff and this could be restricted even more.
  • Florida Government could disallow event gatherings all together in the next few months and we don't want you to be put in a situation where you have no CE credits at year end.
  •  (Link to Florida health and Social Gathering Restrictions...Click on image below)       


If you have already paid for your attendance to be there we will allow one of the following (your choice)...

  • A total refund of your money
  • Credit towards another event that will roll over into the next biennium
  • Credit to be applied to home studies (If there is a money difference after applying what you paid for the event we can refund that difference or apply it as credit for next biennium)



Scroll Down for a Detailed Road Map Tutorial on how to access your Home Studies.

  • After you have been Purchased the Home Studies
  • After we Have Emailed you a Receipt and The "Access to Your Home Study" Confirmation
  • Processing of your Purchase takes Approximately 24 Hours to receive your Access to Home Study Email  


We Have New Home Studies...and more coming...We will have...

  • Written Courses (From Opticians and Optometrists)

  • Video Courses (Professional Production) 

  • Virtual Conference Courses (video taped live courses from previous past live conferences)

  • Audio Courses with PowerPoint

  • Video Courses from John Girdler The Chairman of The Board of Opticianry (Laws & Rules and Medical Errors)

Here is what is coming soon...Check out these courses...

  • Dispensing With Confidence..How to Avoid Dispensing Mistakes (1 Hour Technical CE) (Virtual Conference Video)
  • How to turn Difficult Patients into Happy Patients  (1 Hour Elective CE)  (Virtual Conference Video)
  • Customer Service...The Essential extra Mile  (1 Hour Technical CE) (Virtual Conference Video)
  • When Single Vision isn't Enough  (1 Hour Technical CE)  (Virtual Conference Video)
  • Frame Manufacturing: A look at the Past, Present, and Future  (1 Hour Technical CE) (Virtual Conference Video)
  • Kids can Wear Contacts Too  (1 Hour CL/Technical CE) (Virtual Conference Video)
  • Contact Lens Complications  (1 Hour CL/Technical CE) (Virtual Conference Video)
  • Orthokeratology and Myopia Control  (1 Hour CL/Technical CE) (Virtual Conference Video)
  • UV vs Blue Light  (1 Hour Technical CE) (Virtual Conference Video)
  • The Sleeping Giant of Multiple Pair Sales  (1 Hour Technical CE) (Virtual Conference Video)
  • Laboratory Production  (1 Hour Technical CE) (Virtual Conference Video)
  • Frame Manufacturing... From Birth to Display & Everything in between  (1 Hour Technical CE) (Professional Production Video)
  • Leadership Training  (1 Hour Elective CE) (Webinar Video)
  • Motivation For Exceptional Performance   (1 Hour Elective CE) (Webinar Video)
  • Dry Eyes and Contact Lens Drop Out   (1 Hour CL/Technical CE) (Webinar Video)
  • Gas Perms   (1 Hour CL/Technical CE) (Webinar Video)
  • Speciality Contact Lenses   (1 Hour CL/Technical CE) (Webinar Video)
  • Myopia Control  (1 Hour CL/Technical CE) (Written)
  • Laws & Rules By John Girdler (Chairman of the Board of Optician) (Video)
  • Reduction of Medical Errors By John Girdler (Chairman of the Board of Optician) (Video)
  • When You Purchase our 20 Hour CE Package all our Home Studies will be available for you to choose from. 


New 20 CE Online Home Study Packages...

We appreciate your patience as we wait for several more home studies to be approved by the Board of Opticianry. 

As of right now we have 6 hours ready to go, as more become available we will let you know. 

For a limited time only we are pricing our 20 CE Package at introductory Low offer of $140.00...

Don't wait and pay more the original price is $150.00...



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 FOCAL Education is in the process of developing numerous home studies that will allow you to obtain all 20 CE credits. 

Which will include:

  • Video home studies 
  • Written home studies 
  • Video taped live courses from previous past live conferences
  • Contact lens courses for the Board Certified Opticians.
  • Technical courses
  • Elective courses. 
  • Video Courses from John Girdler The Chairman of The Board of Opticianry (Laws & Rules and Medical Errors)

These courses take time to be developed and we are working around the clock on your behalf and it takes time for the Board to approve home studies (which also was a topic of discussion at the meeting and FOCAL Education addressed at the meeting)

We will be providing an all in one home study package for you for all your 20 hours of Continuing Education. The laws and rules Concerning Continuing Education are still in effect...

  • You still are required to obtain all 20 hours of CE credit from all the required categories. 
  • If you are board Certified you still are required to obtain 4 contact lens hours to maintain that certification. 
  • You still only have till December 31, 2020 to obtain all your required CE Credits after this date and you have not obtained these 20 CE credits your license will go into the delinquent status. 
  • The Florida Board of Opticianry and the Governor have not extended the date beyond December 31, 2020 for obtaing your CE Credits and from what we understand this will not happen. 


We ask that you have Patience with us as we provide the necessary CE requirements for you while at the same time protecting your safety

We will continue to keep you up-to-date with the latest news as we get it.  

If you have any questions you click on the Comments and questions click on the tab above our website page or click on image below




Below is a very detailed Road Map Tutorial on how to access your Home Studies














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