Dear FOCAL Education Family Of Opticians,

It is with sincere Regret that we inform you that FOCAL Education will be Retiring Our Continuing Education Business for Florida Opticians as of February 02, 2022. 


In May of 2020, our President Corey Sigouin under went a surgical procedure that unfortunately didn’t go well, The result of the surgery caused nerve damage in his right leg. As a result of this unfortunate outcome it would be impossible to continue the operations of FOCAL Education due to the physical demands that is required to operate our company.


We will be no longer be offering any Continuing Education which includes Live Continuing Education and Home Studies.

If you have purchased Home studies for this current Biennium you will have till February 28, 2022 to complete them,

Before we shut down that service completely.

If you need the following…

The services below will be available till December 31, 2022

  1. Receipts- you can print one out directly from our website… there is information on front page on how retrieve them.( scroll down)

  2. Proof of CE (Course Completion)-Contact Us With a Comment or Question contact us through our “leave a comment” ( just fill in the fields and press send) and we will respond to you within 3 business days (Monday-Friday)

  3. If you have other questions or needs- Please use the “Leave a Comment” and we will respond within 3 Business days.


FOCAL Education has been offering Quality Continuing Education for Florida Opticians for over 2 decades. We have made many friends along the way and we consider all of you our family and always will. We hope and pray that our devotion to offering quality Continuing Education has made you a better Optician and a better person, we have always promoted a positive atmosphere and hopefully that was reflected by our service, staff, speakers, and courses. Kim and Hunter will continue practicing as Opticians, and Corey has retired from the Opticianry Business because of his disability but will try to continue to keep his license active. So, we may see you at another CE Providers Conferences.


Sometimes life throws arrows at us and we must find ways to overcome those challenges…what’s important is that we must always remain positive because that is what will pull us through… life is one big journey and along this journey there will be twists and turns…how we choose to go through these unfortunate moments will either make you or break you…we can be conquered by it or conquer it…we have 2 choices in life…to be happy or unhappy…I choose to be happy, and I focus on the positives in my life that bring joy me…Kim and I just had our 3rd Grandchild come in to this world a few months ago (its a boy…Aiden) These are just a few precious things that God has blessed us with along this journey in life…and these are the things we focus on, the positive things not the negative things…So, let me encourage you…if your struggling with anything in your life, stay strong…remain positive…focus on the things the make you smile and laugh…give your problem to God…He will always pull you through…we always go through things in life for a reason and most of the time its only for a season…learn from it…grow from it and become a better person because of it…you only get one chance in life…make it a good one, with positivity and happiness…and remember always smile and try to laugh as much as possible…life is to short…so give it all you got and enjoy every minute of it…


God bless all of you, We love you, appreciate you…and remember you are one of those special things that brings joy and happiness in our life…we are blessed to have you as our family…

We will miss you all dearly…


Corey & Kim Sigouin





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